“Gershwin tunes a lovely summer treat.”

This following article written by Garaud MacTaggart was published in the Buffalo News on July 22, 2012.

The BPO Summer Nights series showcases the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra playing short, well-crafted programs of symphonic bonbons combined with special pre- and apres-concert offerings; it’s a good way to spend the first part of a Friday evening (…) All of this led up to Lipinski’s take on the solo part in Gershwin’s most popular work, “Rhapsody in Blue.” From the first smear of a clarinet wailing, floating over the brass section and leading into the piano’s brief opening flurry of notes, the excitement packed into the score was made palpable. Thrilling as the music was, there were still parts where the piano role was obscured, albeit briefly, by the orchestra. The bottom line for the performance was the standing ovation that Lipinski got for his playing. It all added up to an encore, a solo rendering of Gershwin’s brief Prelude no. 3, a scripted flurry of notes that threatens to bust the knuckles of lesser pianists, but not Lipinski. The pianist, a talented magician/musician hybrid, made an appearance at the post-concert program, a swing dance-oriented affair, to perform his other art. It involved a deck of cards, a person from the audience who was dragooned to assist Lipinski, and the pianist playing a quick Bach fugue. You had to be there.

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